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10 Tips All Jewelry Lovers Must Know

10 Tips All Jewelry Lovers Must Know

TIP #1. Fasten a bracelet with a paperclip

Take a large paperclip and unfold it so it looks like the shape of an S. Hook one side onto the jump ring of the bracelet and hold the other side of the S with your fingers. Take your free hand and wrap the bracelet around to fasten it.

TIP #2. Use an old bottle as a jewelry stand

Simply slide bracelets down over the narrow portion of the bottle and stack them up, place small brooches down inside, and dangle long earrings along the edge.

TIP #3. Heal sensitive lobes from within

Sometimes sensitive skin can react painfully to costume jewelry or certain metals. If your ears are feeling tender, simply smear some Vaseline onto the posts of your earrings before sliding them into your ears.

TIP #4. Make necklaces longer by adding a bracelet

If you don’t have a chain extender handy, you can easily lengthen any necklace by adding an old bracelet or anklet to the end of your necklace instead. Simply hook the corresponding clasps to each open end and you’re ready to go. No tools necessary, and removal is a snap.

TIP #5. Use clear nail polish to ward off tarnish

Costume jewelry is fun to punch up a simple outfit, but it can tarnish unattractively. Simply paint on a thin coat of clear polish over your jewelry and allow it to dry fully before wearing.

TIP #6. Use perfume or lotion before wearing jewelry

As perfumes are not 100% natural, it can damage your fashion jewelry when comes in contact with it. Similarly, lotion can contain some chemicals that can potentially damage your favorite jewelry. Make sure to put on your perfume and lotion first, let it dry and then put the final touches of your jewelry on.

TIP #7. Ring stuck on your finger?

Simply spray Windex around the ring and some on the knuckle as well. Slide the ring back and forth to lubricate under the metal and wiggle your finger out. Be sure to test the Windex on the underside your ring before you spray liberally as some metals may react.

TIP #8. Ice cube tray for jewelry storage

If you have a set of drawers or a safe that isn't organized, head to the Dollar Store and pick up some ice cube trays for some inexpensive jewelry storage options. Another bonus? They stack! Want to save even more money? Use old egg cartons.

TIP #9. Keep hair out of your necklace clasp

Sometimes certain clasps just aren’t compatible with longer hair. To avoid the annoyance and lost hair, simply cut a small piece of straw and slide it onto the end of your necklace, just past the clasp. Hook necklace closed, then slide the straw bit back securely over the latch to create a buffer.

TIP #10. Baby powder for untangling a necklace

When you wear your jewelry, it gets coated with dirt, oil, and hair. The combo of dirt and oil inside of a tangle is like glue. If you sprinkle the chains with baby powder, it soaks up the oil and makes the strands easier to slide against one another. Trying to avoid talc? Corn starch or arrowroot powder will also work. Don’t forget to rinse all that powder off after you’re done and dry the chains very well.

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